Wet Planet began as a resource for BCU candidates and paddlers. There are a lot of online discussion groups around the web but there wasn't anywhere for paddlers to discuss BCU specific issues. Wet Planet was originally created to serve that community.

One of the guiding principles of BCU training is the value of experience in a wide range of paddling disciplines, venues and styles. One way to gain this type of varied experience is to become an active member of a larger and more varied community of paddlers.

Local clubs are a valuable resource and a great way to meet people to paddle and practice with. But sometimes the range of opportunities available locally are limited, either by coastal features, access issues or by the nature of the local paddling scene. One sure way to grow as a paddler is to explore new venues with new paddling mates.

We hope to encourage paddlers to try something new, go someplace new, challenge themselves and explore the limits of their comfort zone. Although we started as a site for local BCU paddlers, we are quickly growing into a resource for paddlers of many persuasions throughout North America.

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